Friday, October 7, 2011

Your help needed...

As the holidays approach, so does the busy season for 9D Years for Noah. We could definitely use some help this season. If you would like to sponsor a Mighty Bear (or several) for a child (or children), that would be tremendous! Speaking for 9D Years for Noah, I know that each and every sponsorships, any amount of help, every donation is greatly appreciated.

$20 sponsors 1 Mighty Bear for 1 child. Of course, we are pleased to accept any amount you would care to all goes to help provide hope and encouragement and support for the young children in the hospital fighting for their lives.

To become a sponsor, simply click on the "Donate" button to the right, enter the amount you would like to donate and indicate in the notes section that you are sponsoring 1, 2, 20 Mighty Bears this season.

Each bear is delivered with a special tag around its neck within which is written the name of the person(s) who purposely provided that Mighty Bear for that child...your name would be written here. These Mighty Bears make a tremendous difference in the lives of children who are in the fight for their lives, facing mortality in a way, at an age when they should be playing baseball or video games or dress up or tea party. So, here's your chance to make a MIGHTY difference for a child.

And on behalf of the children and their families, let me just say, "Thank you!"

Mighty & Man v. Food

Mighty & Man v. Food
Brady, Adam Richman - host of the Travel Channel's Man v. Food, Mighty and Austyn. Noah and Adam share a special bond. Through our Man v. Foodventures and Noah's love of the show and Adam, we have been blessed with this great friendship. Watch Adam on Man v. Food every Wednesday night on the Travel Channel (check local listings for times).